"I love ArtSparks because it gives me something to be proud of. Also, it gives me confidence and makes me strong. I am most proud of getting fit and learning to be professional."
~Emilia, TNT Dancer
"I am most proud of all the stuff we have achieved and how far we went. I have learned dance moves, patience, working together, counting in 8's, and lots more!"
~Morgan, TNT Dancer

Our advanced teams are a collection of the brightest stars throughout our various in-school residencies; students spotted embodying energy and excellence in every class are invited to join this scholarship team. These students are able to learn advanced choreography, theater/stage terminology, as well as the etiquette of being a professional. 

Top Notch Team

EXtra Dynamite

Our advanced teams are split into two groups determined by age and experience. Our younger dancers make up Team TNT, while our seasoned performers have moved up to Team XD. They practice after school for the opportunity to perform in a variety of community events and in our annual Cuyahoga Falls school performance.

"There is no greater feeling than

watching the transformation of these students...as they become performers and ambassadors of the art of dance in their community. They have a light in their eyes and a fire in their hearts fueled by the knowledge that continuously striving for excellence can lead to accomplishing the unimaginable."

~Erica Piper, Advanced Teams Coordinator

Upcoming performances can be found on Our Events page. Below are some of the incredible performance opportunities our advanced team dancers have had in the past:

Akron Symphony Orchestra Collaboration

Our dancers had the AMAZING opportunity to perform with the Akron Symphony Orchestra at EJ Thomas Hall. TNT performers had a chance to learn about professional theater and an authentic backstage experience, as well as (of course) performing on one of Akron's favorite stages!

NEOs Dance Theatre Collaboration

NEOs dance theater is a local dance company based in Mansfield and Akron OH. Our dancers worked in rehearsals with Bobby Wesner and his team of spectacular professional dancers to put together an amazing collaborative piece about the importance and impact of arts in our community.

Festa Italiana in Cuyahoga Falls

Our renowned pizza dance has become a fan favorite at Cuyahoga Fall's annual Festa Italiana! Dancers encourage children in the community to participate in an interactive performance and learn about Italy and our favorite Italian dish - pizza!

GAR Conference Opening Performance

Our TNT performers had the great honor to open the 2018 GAR Conference for local educators. It was the first glimpse of our 2018-2019 theme of the solar system as they performed a piece about Galileo that they learned this summer from our NDI (National Dance Institute) trainers!

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