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Every class engages participants in innovative dance programming designed to complement core academic learning.


Every class includes a team of two dance instructors and a musician. Students learn to emulate the teamwork that they demonstrate.


Every class utilizes a fun but disciplined teaching method that inspires participants to reach for excellence in all that they endeavor.


The ArtSparks experience develops memory capacity, increases self-confidence, and builds character while igniting individual creativity.

Students that emulate energy and excellence in every class are chosen from our in-school residencies to join our scholarship teams. Learn more about our advanced teams:

Our Programs

K-5 Programs

ArtSparks K-5 dance programs are educationally enriching and filled with highly energizing fun. Residencies range from full day to multiple week visits in which ArtSparks professionals meet with participants to teach the art of dance performance as they simultaneously reinforce a core academic subject.

Popular residencies include Groovy Geometry, Marvelous Math (Multiplication/Division), Fabulous Fitness, Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Earth Science), and Leaping Through Literature. ArtSparks welcomes the opportunity to custom design residencies as well. Multi week residencies culminate in a joyfully staged performance in which participants can share their new found knowledge and talents with family and friends!

Goals of K-5 Programming: 
  • Introducing the art of dance as an exceptional instrument for learning, fitness, and creativity

  • Reinforcing core academic subjects

  • Instilling confidence and helping participants develop a sense that they can achieve what they set out to accomplish

  • Encouraging positive risk taking, persistence, and teamwork

  • Fostering a desire to work hard and exert more effort to achieve a goal

Dancers with Disabilities Programs

ArtSparks Dancers with Disabilities programs provide quality, innovative dance enrichment activities that encourage learning and joy. Residencies range from full day to multiple week visits in which highly trained teaching professionals deliver a tailored dance experience that leads participants on a journey of movement discovery.

All ArtSparks curriculum tracks are available to special education classrooms. The ArtSparks staff is particularly adept at accommodation and welcomes the opportunity to work with classroom teachers to create a curriculum that suits the unique blend of participants in each setting.

Goals of Dancers with Disabilities Programming:
  • Encouraging students of all abilities to participate in dance

  • Building self-esteem and confidence

  • Developing physical abilities and raising activity/fitness levels

  • Fostering life skills such as communication and creativity

Dynamite Duos Program

This is a 20-week program that provides children who have developmental disabilities the opportunity to experience the art of dance and perform with their peers. Children with disabilities are paired with non-disabled peers to dance in partnership, with the goals of maximizing participation the fine arts and challenging every dancer to recognize that everyone can achieve their best through teamwork, creativity, empathy, and discovery. The program culminates in a performance celebrating every student's talents and achievements. 

Goals of Dynamite Duos Programing:
  • Encouraging students of all abilities to learn fundamental dance concepts

  • Building self-esteem, confidence, creativity, and communication

  • Developing physical abilities and raising activity/fitness levels

  • Helping all students to embrace diversity and the concept of personal best

  • Building an understanding that teamwork requires persistence, adaptability, and acceptance

Ready, Spark, Kindergarten! Program

ArtSparks has crafted a program designed specifically for pre-school children preparing for kindergarten. Targeting the areas that have been cited as most problematic for pre-school students (rhyming, social problem solving skills, and comparing quantities), participants will learn through fun dance and music challenges that are designed to improve gross motor skills, sequences of movement, working as a team, and problem solving strategies.

ArtSparks designs pre-K programming to coordinate with each classrooms academic focus. Popular subjects include Animals, Weather, Community Helpers, and Counting.

Goals of Pre-K Programming:
  • Assisting the development of coordination, strength, and balance in simple locomotor movements

  • Encouraging curiosity and engagement in creative problem solving

  • Developing the ability to cognitively order and execute a sequence of movements both forward and backward

  • Learning to manage the expression of feelings, thoughts, impulses, and behaviors with minimal adult guidance

  • Building the focus and attention needed in carrying out tasks or activities from beginning to end

Residency and Workshop Programs 
(Listed by Subject Area)
  • Dance: Dance FUNdamentals

  • Health: Fabulous Fitness

  • Literature: Leaping through Literature

  • Mathematics: Marvelous Math (Multiplication/Division)

  • Science: Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Earth Science); We are STARS (Solar System); One Water (Care, Conservation, and Cycles)

  • Misc: Toddler Twirl; In This Together; IMAGINE THAT!; Dynamite Duos; Ready, Spark, Kindergarten!


*ArtSparks is uniquely adept at designing programs to support a wide range of academic subjects and welcomes the opportunity to develop residency programs with classroom teachers that support their classroom curriculum.

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