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After School Program Support

Advanced Scholarship Teams:

  • TNT

  • XD

  • Interns

  • DDX

“Dance helped me have fun every Friday. I was able to trust all my peers, all while learning fun and challenging choreography.” -Lizzie, Team XD dancer

After many weeks of hard work in their ArtSparks class at school, some dancers will receive a letter that will make them jump for joy. They have received a scholarship to join ArtSparks’ “Top-Notch Team” (TNT) and will study dance more intensely outside of school time.

They will meet other young dancers from other schools, who like them, share the common bond of a love and talent for the arts. Together, these dancers will grow in their artistry, take stages by storm---often alongside professional dancers and musicians--- and hold themselves to the highest of standards with grit, grace, and gratitude. Many of them will continue to leap further into the world of dance by progressing to Team XD (eXtra Dynamite) in middle school and becoming members of our leadership-focused Internship Program. 

“We are family. A strong bond. Built on laughter, trust and dedication.” -Lizzie, Team XD dancer

There are three easy ways to make a donation to ArtSparks:

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