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It’s not just

step, turn, jump

Many children carry a daily, often-invisible weight caused by barriers to a healthy, joyful childhood. Things like poverty, abuse, stereotypes, unwanted or unfair gender roles, developmental disabilities, even body image issues … 

But it is our belief at ArtSparks that every child deserves a champion … someone who sees their potential and will help them break down those barriers as they learn about the arts and leap into a more hopeful future. 


Today, that champion can be you. 


Children in Akron and across Northeast Ohio deserve the chance to dream and to discover excellence within themselves. ArtSparks introduces them to professional dance and music instruction that has the potential to transform lives. The energy and excellence modeled by the ArtSparks team shows them that… 


  1. Success is attainable, and in a big way. 

  2. Teamwork and perseverance are essential.

  3. Creativity has no limitations. 

  4. Discovering that self-confidence is empowering.

  5. Hard work pays off!


To help us launch and develop our Center for Creativity and Community, continue growing our programs in 30 schools and beyond, and ensure our staff members, volunteers, and instructors keep investing in more students and their futures.


Please invest generously today. You’ll give more deserving students the opportunity to break barriers and soar to new levels of confidence and hope as they realize their love for the arts and discover talents that can propel them into the future. 


Thank you for being a champion and for believing in the next generation’s power and potential!

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Be someone's champion!

Programs to support:

Dynamite Duos (Dancers with Disabilities

Dynamite Duos is our Dancers with Disabilities program that provides quality, innovative dance enrichment activities that encourage learning and joy. In these 20-week programs, we focus on:


  • Encouraging students of all abilities to participate in dance

  • Building self-esteem and confidence

  • Developing physical abilities and raising activity/fitness levels

  • Fostering life skills such as communication and creativity


The Center for Creativity and Community: ArtSparks secure and develop a new physical location that will serve not only as a place for after-school dance programming but also a multi-purpose community center, providing much-needed office space and a place to further enrich and engage our community. Help us build on our strengths, launch this community center, and serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

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A Future in the Falls: ArtSparks serves Cuyahoga Falls and offers a 30-week dance program to third-grade students that culminates in a performance. Our goal is to reach all 400 students currently in third grade across 6 Cuyahoga Falls elementary schools — a total of 18 homeroom classrooms.

TNT Scholarship Team (2).jpg

Our TNT (Top Notch Team) and Team XD troupes are advanced dance stars throughout our various in-school residencies — scholarship students who embody energy and excellence in every class. They learn advanced choreography, theater/stage terminology, as well as the etiquette of being a professional. 

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